‘Westworld’ Season 2 Episode 2: AKA The One Where Everyone’s Outfits SLAY

Okay, seriously, though, wasn’t everyone ridiculously well dressed this episode? Every scene that wasn’t taking place in the Westworld park just had me jealous of how sleek and good everyone looked. Especially the ever-so-good-looking Ben Barnes. Yes, he is easy on the eyes, but it was really good to see Logan back, to finally know his last name is Delos, and to actually see some depth to his character that the writers hadn’t given him in season one.

In this episode, there are so many timelines that at some point you have to give up keeping count and just take the scene for what it is. We have Arnold (not Bernard) speaking with Dolores, well before the events of Robert Ford’s final narrative. We also have scenes of Logan first being introduced to Westworld and sincerely being a little freaked out.


We are also introduced to Logan’s father, James Delos played by Peter Mullan, who is a bit of a dick if I’m honest. We can see William (who we know now to be the Man in Black) gaining favor with Mr. Delos, clearly talking him into investing more in Westworld, even though at first James didn’t see the park lasting very long. Since we all know what William became, it’s hard not to see the little sparks of darkness in his movements and the mental manipulation games he likes to play. You can see how his own sadistic desires affect those around him, from Logan obviously not being in good shape after William left him naked on a horse, and we then know William’s wife goes on to kill herself thirty years later.

Of course, the best part is in the present (or what we think is the present) when Maeve and Dolores encounter each other. Both are hosts who have “woken up” and both are on a mission to pry themselves away from the controlling hands of the humans who tortured them for so many years. Though, at some point during their talk, it is clear the two have different views on how to conduct their revolution. While Dolores is fire and gunpowder, Maeve is more diplomatic and cunning, choosing not to play by the same rules as the humans. Both women are badasses and it’ll be interesting to see whose journey ends up accomplishing their goals.


My final point in this review, is that is it me or does Teddy seem like he still doesn’t understand? As far as male companions, Maeve is winning with Hector by her side. Not only is he conscious of what is really going on, but he’s a more than capable gunman. Teddy seems still unaware of what the real truth is and there are times I wonder what Dolores sees in him because honestly, his character has gotten…boring.


Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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