Avengers: Infinity War Review [No Spoilers]

Because Thanos Demands Your Silence, this review will not contain any spoilers pertaining to Avengers: Infinity War. Let me start, though; by saying it is the single greatest Marvel movie of all time and I don’t know how anything will ever be as good. If you’re concerned with the movie being lengthy at two and a half hours, just realize you’ll leave the theater wanting more and quite possibly questioning your life.

Infinity War is an incredibly ambitious movie, with over 35 superheroes in one film. While this mashup may sound impossible, I swear that the Russo Brothers pull it off. Some characters did have more screen time than others, but each one was highlighted and had their moment. From Idris Elba as Heimdall, Winston Duke as M’Baku, to Peter Dinklage’s MCU debut (for spoiler purposes I won’t be saying his character’s name. Don’t worry, you’ll recognize him).

You may ask yourself, how the hell is this movie going to be able to intertwine all these characters and not make it cluttered? For the whole film, the Marvel characters work in groups, interwoven in this quest to stop Thanos from completing his mission of collecting all six of the infinity stones. There are groups that meet back up and groups that never interact with the other, but they all are working towards a common goal.

With this movie, there is no subtle beginning. The film doesn’t slowly make its way to the challenge of the plot. It starts right away and from there, we’re just on a roller coaster ride. There’s not a lot of downtime and any slight pauses are simply to have the characters contemplate their next action. There’s a mix of that typical Marvel fun, lightheartedness that they’re known for, but this movie is probably one of the darkest films in the MCU. There’s horror, tragedy, loss, all of the above!

What was most exciting about the film, was the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy into the Avengers universe. Peter Quill and his “a-holes” work so well in the storyline that I want them to always interact with some of our favorite Avengers. Dr. Strange was also a favorite of mine and I loved the interactions between Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

Tom Holland is so good at playing Spiderman and though his character can be goofy at times, he is essentially the heart. The father-son relationship he and Tony have isn’t forced and I’m really glad Marvel was able to bring Peter Parker into the MCU.

It’s hard to put into words and pinpoint one person whose performance I thought was spectacular. Everyone brought their A-game. For the person who doesn’t often go to the theater for films, make an exception. There’s nothing better than feeling the audience applaud when Captain America first appears on screen or when Thor does THAT (you’ll have to watch to find out). Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth give their characters so much depth that you’ll wonder what were all the other movies doing?

The battle scene in Wakanda is one of my favorite. Not only do you have a large amount of characters banding together, but the sense of teamwork and admiration for each other is really prominent. The way that each character respects the other is really great to watch. And the Wakanda scene hosts my favorite female superhero mashup between Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Okoye (I guess that is a small spoiler?).

I can’t say too much without giving everything away. Just know that this movie was it all. Some of the greatest fight scenes the Marvel Universe has ever given us, amazing visuals, a steady plot, on point acting, and the chance to see our favorites finally meet each other. The movie will make you laugh, cry, and wondering how the hell are you supposed to make to Avengers 4? And remember, kids, stay to the end credits, because this is a Marvel movie and you don’t want to miss what they reveal!

Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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