Westworld Season 2 Episode 1: Robots Strike Back [Minor Spoilers]

After two long years, HBO’s mind spinning Westworld returned for a second season. Not to be outdone by its predecessor, season two introduces the audience to even more questions and storylines. Unlike the first season, we know that the show operates in a series of different timelines, but that doesn’t make it any easier to keep up! Though, I believe some of the fun is in knowing that time isn’t linear. Don’t get too caught up in trying to figure everything out, I have a feeling the threads are only going to unravel even further as the episodes go.

We start the season with Dolores speaking to who we can only assume is Arnold. And considering we know what happened to Dr. Ford’s former partner, it seems that not only was he concerned that the hosts were becoming too sentient and they couldn’t open the park for that reason, but that maybe Dolores would be the start of something truly violent. Or did Arnold put that in her head already? Who knows!

Also, the new opening is just beautiful.

What the first episode had that season one’s episodes didn’t, was the real threat of death. And Dolores on Wyatt brain is a force to reckon with. Done with beautiful cinematics, perfectly timed music, and fantastic acting, we are shown that sweet Dolores is gone and she is not taking any prisoners. While you couldn’t wait for a world where the hosts were finally able to overthrow their human oppressors, you couldn’t help, but be frightened with the guests, as not only Dolores led them to their doom, but several other hosts as well.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. In the aftermath of Dr. Ford’s demise (which, I think it’s understood that it was planned), the island is in disarray. Delos, the subsidiary that owns Westworld; has sent its Head of Operations to take care of the situation, apparently two weeks after the start. I was more than excited for Gustaf Skarsgard to join the Westworld cast as Karl Strand. The tall Swede did not disappoint and I look forward to more scenes between him and Luke Hemsworth’s Ashley Stubbs.


Just like last season, Maeve’s (Thandie Newtown) storyline was the one I was interested in the most. If you’ll remember, Maeve was so close to getting her freedom in the end, but the drive to find her “fictional” daughter was what got her off of that train. Though to Maeve it was her own free will, we were given the possibility that that too was all part of her storyline.

Not to give so much away, but I love where they are going with Maeve this season and now that she has Hector back at her side, I’m really interested where her journey to find her daughter will lead. I’m also wanting to see an interaction between Maeve and Dolores. Maeve’s rebellion started way before Dolores in season one, but will she even find Ms. Abernathy’s methods too extreme? And will Lee Sizemore actually be a likable character this go around?


As far as I can tell, this season is going to be just as heart pounding and mentally challenging as the first one. Based on the end of the first episode and now the theories I’m putting together in my head, I can only surmise that a lot happened within the two weeks before Karl and his team arrived at the park (which we now find out is on an island!)

Next episode will feature scenes from the past with Jimmi Simpson returning as William and Ben Barnes as Logan! Considering who William turned out to be and how things ended last season, I’m really curious to see what goes on with these two and what Logan’s life has been like in the past thirty years (we probably won’t go that deep into it, but we can only hope).

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