Tom Hardy is Venom: New Trailer and Did We Judge Too Soon?

About two months ago, Sony released their first look at their last-ditched effort at Marvel movies. The trailer for their Venom movie was…lackluster at best. I myself wasn’t even impressed and considering Tom Hardy is starring in it, I wanted to be more excited than I was. Sony’s take on the well-known anti-hero is running in association with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although Tom Holland will not be appearing as Spider-Man, which seems strange to a lot of fans.


Having begrudgingly written Venom off and accepted that I’d only see it to support Hardy, I have to eat some of my words after watching the newly released trailer. The biggest complaint from our first look was that we didn’t even get a glimpse of Eddie Brock donning the symbiotic Venom. Of course, we fans could have just been a little impatient, but Sony had to have gotten the message because there was no shortage in the new trailer.

Disclaimer, it’s not perfect. I’m not sure if the supporting cast is strong enough to hold the storyline and the biggest question still is, did we need a solo Venom movie? I very well could eat my words again and the cast could be fantastic. There have been trailers of movies in the recent past that have been great and the movie disappointing. I’m prepared to be surprised!

Tom Hardy’s Brooklyn accent is terrible, which is surprising because the man is pretty versatile when it comes to accents. From Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Forrest Bondurant in Lawless, and Tommy Conlon in Warrior, the man is talented. Putting that aside, what I’m most excited about is the pseudo multiple personalities feel the character has now that he is struggling with the symbiote. The tug and pull between Eddie Brock and Venom will be interesting to watch.

Above all, I think the look of the Venom character is awesome. Seeing and hearing “We Are Venom” definitely sent a shiver up my spine. Who knows if Venom is strong enough to save Sony, but I believe that it will regardless be a good movie to go to the theaters to see. Maybe we’ll be surprised and Tom Holland will show up (probably not).

Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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