Just What Can We Expect from ‘The Punisher’ Season 2?

There are plenty of speculations floating around about what we may expect from the second season of Marvel’s The Punisher. Some have teased Suicide Run and Slavers storylines for the next season to the popular Netflix show. Whatever direction they decide to go with, I have a good feeling. Jon Bernthal was a stand-out in Daredevil and his debut show was everything I could have hoped for and more. An interview with Felicia D. Henderson, a writer, producer, and director, made me even more pumped for what’s to come.

In addition to working on The Punisher, Felicia also works on The Quad, a drama on BET, which features Jason R. Moore. I had to mention this, simply because I love Jason, who plays Curtis Hoyle on The Punisher. 

In an interview with Black Girl Nerds, Felicia hinted how Frank’s PTSD is something he frequently deals with. Though Frank has exacted revenge on all those who had something to do with the death of his family, the pain doesn’t end. In season two of Daredevil, Frank was very adamant to Karen that he did not have PTSD, but we see in The Punisher that he very much does. From dreaming of his family every night to reliving the tragedy that ripped them from him, he definitely has it rough. As Frank tries to figure out the next step in his life, he’s always going to carry that memory with him.

One of the main questions from fans, including myself; is what is to become of Billy Russo? It’s too much to think that maybe the two will shake hands and be friends again, right? Right. As Felicia says, “…but you can’t just drag someone’s face across a series of broken mirrors and think they’re gonna be like ‘Okay, no problem. I’m cool with that’.” Nope, you certainly can’t. While I’m sure The Punisher S2 will feature a different big bad, I really hope the writers know that Ben Barnes was spectacular as Billy Russo and we want more. Especially a Billy who is fully able to be unhinged and not held back by his image that he was trying so hard to uphold.

To continue reading more from this interview, go to: https://blackgirlnerds.com/felicia-henderson-interview-part-2/ ! And for more news about The Punisher season 2, stay tuned!


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