Official Trailer Released for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

It all started in 2008 with the first release of Iron Man. From the first introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a movie featuring the Avengers going up against Thanos has been highly anticipated. Here we are, years later, a dozen new characters introduced, and only months away from the biggest event in the MCU. Avengers: Infinity War is in our sights and Good Morning America just released the first trailer.

It’s difficult to form the words to express my excitement, thoughts, and even predictions for this. We could spend all day dissecting this trailer. I will first start with how touching it was to have Nick Fury’s famous speech from the first Avengers echo from various characters. So well done.

We already know there is going to be a lot of pain and angst in this movie. A few things I want to point out, is that I loved seeing Spiderman’s new upgraded suit that we got a glimpse of at the end of Spiderman: Homecoming. Why is Tony Stark and Dr. Strange now working together? And who else screamed a little seeing Vision in “human form” when speaking with Wanda?

Spoiler for anyone who didn’t see Thor: Ragnarok (what are you waiting for?), but who else knew that Loki stole the Tesseract? Oh, I wanted to believe so badly that he reformed himself and changed his ways, but he is the God of Mischief after all! It seems our little Frost Giant will be the one responsible for bringing Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) to Earth. Perhaps, this is resulting from the first Avengers, when the Chitari revealed there was nowhere Loki could run from Thanos.

Black Panther hasn’t come out yet, but it was great seeing T’Challa in the trailer. Especially with him urging that they need Captain America for this fight. It’ll be really interesting to see what Team Cap has been doing since Civil War and why Steve Rogers has grown a beard, Natasha is blonde, and Bucky looks flawless as ever. I can’t even contain my excitement; Wanda looked happy as hell to see Rogers back and Falcon was looking badass. I’m just rambling at this point.

The trailer alone was amazing. It brought back all the excitement (how many times can I say exciting?) I felt prior to the first Avengers movie. But, this is the big mashup, right? Where every MCU film was leading to. So, where were our favorite “assholes”? The introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy couldn’t have been better, with Thor the one to pose the question “who the hell are you guys?”

Please click the link above to watch the trailer for the first, second, or even fifth time. And please enjoy! Avengers: Infinity War releases May 4, 2018.


Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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