Non-Spoiler Review of Thor: Ragnarok

Due to being an impulsive person at times, I decided to see Thor: Ragnarok last night instead of waiting until Wednesday when schedule to see it with mom (sorry ma). I am thankful though that I get to see this marvelous film again, but it is an experience that needs to be seen again.

If I am being completely honest with myself, and it’s taken a while for me to be; the previous Thor movies were…subpar. Of course, the first movie was essentially the one that got me into the MCU. There had been Iron Man and that was great, but it was Tom Hiddleston’s performance as Loki that captured me. But, that was it. I always found myself fast forwarding to the Loki parts in the first one and The Dark World was….boring.

Even the Thor character was nothing special to me. Chris Hemsworth is a great actor, but I didn’t really enjoy his role. To me, Thor was so one-dimensional and nothing spectacular. I especially disliked his romance with Jane Foster; her inclusion in the Thor movies always seemed out of place.

Taika Waititi must have heard these concerns when he was given the mantle of directing the third Thor movie, Thor Ragnarok. Unlike the previous two movies that were dark and ominous, Ragnarok was fun, brightly colored, and humorous. Who knew that what this franchise needed was to have comedy added to it. This formula worked for Guardians of the Galaxy, but I personally never thought of Thor having it.

What resulted was brilliance. Now, by no means is it overly campy or not including any darkness at all. The villain Hela (brilliantly played by Cate Blanchett) was dark and brutal; the inclusive of humor made her presence all the more frightening because suddenly you weren’t prepared for all these hidden secrets to come to the surface and make you realize not everything in Asgard is paradise.


Thor has been featured in five MCU films (if you include his cameo in Dr. Strange), but this is definitely my favorite rendition of his. Waititi wanted to give Hemsworth the room to comedically breathe since he was so enjoyable in previous comedies such as Ghostbusters. We finally got a more well-rounded God of Thunder, without Jane Foster to hold him back.

Don’t get me wrong, Thor is strong. Stronger than he’s been in any previous Thor or even Avengers movie. In Ragnarok, he definitely earns the title God of Thunder. Wow. How powerful he was and different from other renditions was a relief from the flat performance we’ve seen before. I realize now that it wasn’t Hemsworth himself, rather the script and how previous directors wanted him to be. Thank you, Taika!


This article would not be complete if we didn’t talk about Loki. As I said, Hiddleston’s performance as the God of Mischief was what lured me in. Clearly, Marvel feels the same way, as Loki is still one of (if the most) memorable villain in the MCU. No other baddie, except Thanos; can seem to fill the shoes that this man has walked in. Though, Hela could definitely be considered, I feel.

Just like Bucky, Loki has transformed into a character that arguably is not really a villain anymore. There’s a moral ambiguity to him and just like Steve Rogers and his bff, you get the feeling that this character is only doing this for their counterpart. If it weren’t for Thor, Loki would probably continue on his evil conquest. But, it’s their brotherhood that really is heartwarming in this movie, unlike the tension-filled, forced together mashup we had in The Dark World. While there were some moments in the MCU they tried to split apart the fact that these two are siblings, Ragnarok solidifies that no matter what, they’re brothers. Also, it was hilarious the millisecond interaction between Dr. Strange and Loki – I hope we get more of that at some point.


All in all, Thor Ragnarok is a solid MCU film. 100% the best Thor movie. Not only does it feature the Heimdall (Idris Elba) we deserve, but a badass female warrior Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) who would make Lady Sif proud and could go round for round in a drinking contest against Jessica Jones.  If you have time this weekend or whenever, go to the theaters and support this wonderful, visual aesthetic film that surely should be considered as one of the successful films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

PS- Jeff Goldblum is such a treat as The Grand Master.

Author: TC_Stark

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