Who I Want to See [More of] in Iron Fist Season 2

Let’s be honest in this article; Iron Fist was not Marvel’s most popular Netflix show. It was certainly not the most anticipated. On a personal level, the ones I looked most forward to were Daredevil and The Defenders. Jessica Jones was highly praised due to its female empowerment and treatment of the sensitive subject of sexual assault. And Luke Cage broke Netflix, so…you probably can guess how well-liked that show was.

Since The Punisher premieres on November 17th, we don’t have any data to compare it to. But, Jon Bernthal’s role as Frank Castle in Daredevil season 2 was highly praised and so many (including myself) are waiting with baited breath for the first season to drop.

Iron Fist season one was a different story. There was only a small percentage who looked forward to it, due to what many believed was culture appropriation and poor casting for Danny Rand. Feel free in the comments, or on Twitter; to tell me what you thought of the decision. All I will say is I don’t believe Finn Jones was right for the character. Is that an insult to him as an actor? No. I enjoyed his acting in Game of Thrones.

Just to give you all even more of an insight, here are the Rotten Tomatoes scorings for the five shows put out so far.

 Daredevil Jessica Jones Luke Cage Iron Fist The Defenders
S1: 98%
S2: 76%
S1: 93% S1: 96% S1: 17% S1: 74%

Despite Iron Fist having the lowest rating in the Netflix MCU, it received a second season. Since we’ll be getting a round two, let’s go over the three characters I want to see [more of] in Iron Fist season two.

Luke Cage

This has to be obvious, right? Luke and Danny are known to have a strong friendship in the comics; even forming a duo Heroes for Hire. We saw a little bit of this in The Defenders, but eight episodes isn’t a huge amount of time to have two strangers become best friends. The two started out rocky and with their two opposite opinions of The Hand and life in general, they butted heads. Still, I feel the two started to at least respect each other and considering we’ve seen pictures of Danny appearing in the much anticipated Luke Cage season two, it only makes sense for Power Man to show up in Iron Fist season two.



While Luke and Jessica remained skeptical for a good portion of The Defenders, Matt Murdock knew exactly what The Hand was capable of. Daredevil didn’t need to be trained by monks to become a living weapon, he too was trained from an early age to be a fighting machine. Between Stick, Elektra, and his father’s legacy, Matt is a stellar fighting. In my opinion, a better one than the Immortal Iron Fist himself…

Depending on what comes first, I think Matt at some point should show up in Iron Fist season two. Not only because Danny should know Matt is really alive, but because Matt trusted Danny enough to tell him of his plan not to leave Midtown Circle. With entrusting the Iron Fist in protecting New York City, I think Matt deserves at least a cameo.


Ward Meachum

Yup, this little shit.


Tom Pelphrey’s Ward Meachum grew on me. I went from loathing this snake to crowning him my favorite character in Iron Fist. Ward’s out in The Defenders? Biggest disappointment. Seriously, Ward is a snarky ball of daddy issues that at times seems to be the only well-rounded character in the show. Rather than being the voice of reason, he’s the voice of “what the hell?” Now that Harold is gone for good and he and Danny vowed to run Rand together, it’ll be interesting to see his role in the second season. Plus, his once close-knit relationship with Joy has definite cracks in it, so there’s so much material.

Whether you like Iron Fist or just watch it because it’s within the continuity, let me know who or what you would like to see in the second season. Crossing my fingers for more Ward!

Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

One thought on “Who I Want to See [More of] in Iron Fist Season 2”

  1. I do wanna see Misty and Colleen do work on Iron Fist season 2. That way it can continue to lay down the groundwork for Daughters of the Dragon. Raven Metzner better do his homework.


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