‘Sweet Virginia’ Trailer Finally Released!

As an update from a previous article, an official trailer for IFC’s dark thriller Sweet Virginia has finally been released! Completely unexpected, the trailer dropped and everyone who has been excited about Jon Bernthal playing Sam Rossi have been rejoicing. The drama starring Bernthal and Christopher Abbott premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and those who saw it, praised it.

The trailer starts out with Abbott playing the unnerving Elwood. He’s renting a room from the motel owned by Bernthal’s Sam Rossi, who is a former rodeo star. From information I’ve conjured up, the two start an uneasy friendship due to both hailing from Virginia.

The trailer is dark and suspenseful. I found myself wanting to smile a little at the interactions between Sam and Elwood that almost border on playful. Still, we’re reminded that Elwood is not a good man and that he’s the cause of the murders that have shaken up this small Alaskan town.

Sweet Virginia will premiere November 17th and personally, I’m excited. This movie is exactly the kind of dark, suspense that we need in a film. From those who have seen it at the Tribeca Film Festival, I’m told it keeps you on the edge of your toes until the final scene.

Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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