Boyd Holbrook Will Star in Juan Cabral’s Latest Film ‘Two/One’

Logan and Narcos star, model turned smoldering hot actor Boyd Holbrook is more than a pretty face. As someone who’s become a fan recently, his character range is pretty impressive. From a broken coal miner in Little Accidents to a violent coke addict in Run All Night, Holbrook will be in the latest Predator movie as Quinn McKenna. On top of this anticipated film, Holbrook has just been nabbed for director Juan Cabral’s Two/One. 

Just like Tom Hardy in Legend, we are blessed with two Holbrooks. That means Holbrook will play both of the main characters for the film. This upcoming film will explore the concept that when we are asleep in one place, we’re awake in another. Sounds a little trippy, but some of the best movies have been. Holbrook will play both Kaden, a world-class ski jumper; and Khai, a corporate executive. We’re not sure if the two are ever going to meet, as that’d probably propose a problem. But, if they could do it in Legend and The Parent Trap, they can do it here.

Protagonist Pictures will handle international sales and CEO Mike Goodridge had this to say: “Protagonist is always looking for films that will attract audiences in a world where there is so much competition from other media, and Two/One is just that special project. Juan Cabral is a visionary and his first feature promises to be visually stunning, dramatically riveting and a fascinating exploration of the globalized world. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Bliss Media and our old friends Chris Clark and Flora Fernandez Marengo on this unique film.”


Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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