Throwback Thursday: ‘Sicario’

If you loved Get Out (how could you not?), you’ll want to watch some of Daniel Kaluuya’s past work. The twenty-seven English actor is just starting his career, but he’s been involved in some big named projects already. He’s been in the well-known series Skins and Black Mirror and I can imagine that Get Out is going to catapult him into being a household name; especially since he also will be in the highly anticipated upcoming Black Panther movie.

My introduction to Kaluuya was in the 2015 film Sicario. The drama stars Benicio del ToroEmily Blunt, and Josh Brolin. Emily Blunt plays an FBI agent who gets recruited to join the CIA on a mission to take down a well-known drug cartel leader. Kaluuya plays her partner/only friend/mother figure.

I first started watching Sicario due to Jon Bernthal having a small role in the film. Though he had a minuscule role (his scene with Emily Blunt was great), I’m glad that I watched this movie. A crime drama directed by Denis Villeneuve, the picture is a suspenseful and clever story with grade A actors.


Who doesn’t need a random picture of Jon Bernthal and Emily Blunt getting hot and heavy?


We open up with Emily Blunt being approached by Josh Brolin to join his team to take down a known cartel leader. Her only stipulation is she brings her partner (Kaluuya) along with her. I absolutely love Blunt’s role, as a dedicated and determined woman who only wishes to do good. It’s her follow the book kind of attitude that lands her in trouble down the line in the film.

Sicario is one of those “long haul” kind of movies. The one where you sit down and need to be pulled through the storyline in order to discover the characters’ true intentions. All the while you are sitting on the edge, knowing Josh Brolin’s character is a little too enthusiastic considering the circumstances and being highly suspicious of Benecio del Toro’s.

Although Kaluuya’s role is small, he remains Emily Blunt’s shoulders to stand on. Especially when things start getting fishy. It’s also his character that introduces Blunt to Jon Bernthal’s. His character was short-lived, but after finding out he pretty much also works for the cartel and tries to kill her, it rattles Blunt’s character to the core. In this, she learns to trust del Toro’s more, even though he still remains mysterious for most of the film.

With Emily Blunt able to hold her own against the big boys and Benicio del Toro being a total badass, Sicario is completely worth the watch. It’s one of those suspense dramas that draw you in and the cinematography is also quite beautiful. I’d give it five out of five stars – please go see it now!


Benecio Del Toro Sicario
“Time to meet God”


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