‘Pilgrimage’ Trailer Review

The Walking Dead and The Punisher star Jon Bernthal is known for playing badass characters. From Shane Walsh, to Frank Castle and his roles in other films such as Fury and The Accountant, Bernthal usually is the guy with the less than reputable morals. Yesterday, the trailer for his latest project Pilgrimage dropped and Bernthal has gone Medieval.

We may never get to see Spiderman and The Punisher on screen together, but at least we can have Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal in a movie side by side. This Medieval period piece is exactly what the title says, a pilgrimage. It’s an Irish thriller film about a group of (perhaps Franciscan?) monks making a trek to transport a holy relic to Rome. Now, I admittedly have not been a fan of journey movies before, but I think I can get into this one.

For those weary about it being such a heavily religious-themed film, the trailer gives insight that this is just the catalyst for all the doubts and tested loyalty this group of monks will have to endure. The group will have to trek through dangerous grounds and it seems like Jon Bernthal’s character (The Mute) is essentially their weapon against any foe.

Tom Holland’s character is called The Novice and from I can gather from the trailer, he clearly seems to be unsettled, if not just the least bit concerned with the violence he sees on the trip. Perhaps as (what seems like) the youngest in the group, he is not accustomed or informed of what he and his brethren must do during this pilgrimage.



When the trailer first started, I wondered if this was a movie I would be interested in. There was a time where Medieval movies were a big thing and they may be coming back with this and the upcoming King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie. As the trailer continued, I found that I like the idea that not everything is the way it seems. This journey will test the limits and morals of the group, as well as put their lives directly in danger. Plus, it will beg the question, how far is a person willing to go for their faith?

There’s plenty of films to be excited about for 2017, but add Pilgrimage to your list. It makes its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow and will hit theaters for everyone to see on August 11th. Pilgrimage stars Richard Armitage, Tom Holland, and Jon Bernthal.

Check out the trailer here.

Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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