iZombie Episode Review: “Zombie Knows Best” [SPOILERS]

This review is a little late, but that might be a good thing. Hopefully, everyone has watched season three’s second episode and this won’t ruin too much for anyone. Even though the threat of human findings out about zombies loomed over the episode, the past week returned to the “brain of the week” format we all know and love. Tragically, the brains were those of a father and teenaged daughter. Fortunately for us, Liv and Major eating said brains were hilarious.

Clive and Liv solving crimes together is one of my favorite things about the show. With the unfortunate accident (turned murder) of a father and daughter, our favorite crime-solving duo was able to get back to work. Major being involved was a happy addition and his antics while on teenage girl brain was great.


Can’t Clive Ever Be Happy?

This is a legitimate question. Little is known about Clive’s past. We’ve known from season one he was once an undercover cop in vice. And in season two, we saw how much Clive dislikes fathers who beat their children. “Zombie Knows Best” gave us multiple flashbacks of Clive’s relationship with Wally and his mother. With the heartbreak of his and Dale’s breakup in season two’s finale, I have one question: will Clive ever be happy?

Tricking The Audience

There’s been plenty of episode in iZombie that the outcome and killer is someone we the audience would least suspect. While trying to figure out the killer is fun, I find the twists even better. For a while, we were convinced that the murderer was at least the best friend of one of the victims. Or more plausibly, her creepy stepfather – whom the stepdaughter was sleeping with.

Only until the last second did we discover that the killer was neither. While the stepfather definitely is guilty of one crime, murder wasn’t it. Instead, his wife was too concerned with her public image and instead of dealing with her daughter’s dirty secret exposed, she killed the victims to prevent them from going to the police.

“We Eat Whole Brains and We Solver Murders”

I know next week will introduce a new brain, but I could watch at least another episode of Liv and Major’s shenanigans while on these brains. Rose McIver is a fantastic actress and has played many different variations of Liv Moore, but dad brain is one of my favorite. Her casual transition to a comforting, yet firm father is effortless. And I know her and Major used to date, but the former social worker behaving like a teenage girl was great.

We also learn how Fillmore Graves is advancing in the brains department. For the most part, it’s only Liv who we see affected by the brains she eats. Lowell (RIP) displayed a few qualities in season one and Blaine in season two, but either way, we knew all zombies ate whole brains. Not Vivian Stoll and her crew of zombies. Instead, one of the undead working with Major introduces him to a cocktail of brains that they all take to avoid personality changes and unwanted visions.

According to Liv though, the answer is no!

As for “Zombie Knows Best”, five out of five stars!

Author: TC_Stark

A girl with too many fandoms to count.

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